About Kollekti

Kollekti is a collection of FUNCTIONAL SCULPTURES for both private and public interiors. They captivate the eye and draw the attention of connoisseurs of beauty and noble natural materials such as oak wood, marble or brass. Kollekti objects are crafted individually, in limited series and also on a custom-made basis. Each of them carries its "personal" story of creative transformation from unwanted to desirable. The uniqueness of these objects and their collector's potential stems from an eco-ethical approach to materials. The starting point for each object is a rejected, unwanted natural material that has been stripped of its dignity in various ways. Kollekti restores their noble value through ART – creative transformation, precision in craftsmanship, and the bestowal of function.

Żywia Nowicka

My name is Żywia Nowicka, and KOLLEKTI is my creative alter ego. I have a natural inclination for seeking new solutions and freedom in experimenting with materials. I call my process of creative transformation “the alchemy of art” where a mixture of reativity, mindfulness, and mathematical precision turns unwanted materials into objects of desire and care. Since 2013, I have worked as an interior designer and a photo shoot stylist. I have completed numerous private and public projects, some of which have received recognition and been featured in leading interior design magazines. My instinct has always told me that I have more to do than just design on demand. That “something” will express my unique creative energy and combine THE FREEDOM OF ART WITH THE RULES OF FUNCTIONALITY. That “something” will soothe my sensitivity to the beauty of nature and fulfill the need for harmonious form. That “something” is Kollekti – functional sculptures that rescue the beauty of noble materials.


In 2020, I saw pieces of marble in a quarry in Carrara that were destined to be ground into dust. I felt a responsibility and a profound need to preserve their entire beauty and nobility, which nature had created over hundreds of thousands of years.

And so, several hundred kilograms of material from the Roman Empire found their way to my studio in Rzeszów, and I placed everything on one card – I would use all my instinct and creativity to create beauty and the highest quality from unwanted, abandoned natural materials. After years of creative work and technological tests, Kollekti was born – functional sculptures that SAVE THE BEAUTY OF NOBLE MATERIALS. Since then, I have been looking for places where I can "rescue" materials and give them the deserved value and significance. I collect oak wood that lingers in carpentry shops, brass strips that have lost their purpose, or irregular marble abandoned in a stonecutter's workshop. These forgotten treasures serve as inspiration to create useful and beautiful forms, and then they find their way into the caring hands of CONTEMPORARY COLLECTORS who appreciate both human and natural creativity.

"The Eye Has to Travel"

I believe that every day, we form relationships with objects and influence each other. Some objects are merely silent background elements of our daily lives, while others engage and evoke emotions. Kollekti objects are like bold clothing – unique, unparalleled and expressing the individual character of a space. Whether they “dress” a home, a hotel lobby, or an office, they engage in a subtle interplay between the object and the individual.

For Collectors -Sustainable Art

I see ART as an emanation of current social emotions. Kollekti is my response to what is happening in the world and in Poland. Environmental issues also pose challenges to artists. Hence, the circularity of Kollekti objects, their durability, and multifunctionality. Each Kollekti object is refined in a lengthy design and craftsmanship process. Its value doesn’t solely stem from the raw material freshly taken from nature but from its history: the painstaking search for material, the recognition of its potential, and the many hours of creative work invested in every detail. I believe that such an approach to applied art serves as a guidepost for modern art collectors – sensitive connoisseurs and conscious investors alike.